So, why you ask...

WW Points are figured by standard math rounding rules. The problem is that you really need to wait till you have the final value BEFORE you round.

For example:

Something that has 2.3 points is rounded to 2. BUT if you eat 2 servings it should really be 5, not 4. That's because 2.3*2=4.6 which rounds UP to 5.

I've updated the calculator to allow you to figure that in and to allow you to see the full, unrounded point values just FYI.

Also, in the original Points system (NOT PointsPlus!) don't be fooled by the fact that the final points value is NOT just 2 times the unrounded points. Remember that you can only count a maximum 4 grams of fiber no matter how many servings you eat. Because of that, once the number of servings has used all 4 fiber grams, points for additional servings will increase because they don't have the fiber to offset calories and fat like the first serving(s) did.

Enjoy the calculator!!

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