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My Weight Watcher Journey

Ok so who is this Food Lady person??? Actually I'm Bob, yes the secret is out, foodlady is a guy. I saw the domain available when I was looking for one to keep WW stuff on and decided that was ok.

Before I joined WW in May of 2006 I was, well let's just say VERY heavy. I had already tried losing weight with some success ( I lost almost 25lb BEFORE joining WW). Since I joined I have lost over 50lb NOT INCLUDING the 25lb from before. Total about 75lb!!

Just started this today 01/07/2011, so I'll be adding more soon.

Ok so it's the 10th. Where was I???

I started into weight watchers thinking that the meetings were going to just be rah rah sessions. I WAS WRONG!!! I have met so many incredibly nice people there! I have heard so many great ideas that have helped me along the way!! I soon realized that I had GROSSLY underestimated the value of the meetings. I highly recommend attending!! Be sure to say hi to folks while your there. You'll soon find you have many new friends sharing the same goal of losing weight, and better yet, sharing ideas that work!! It really does make it easier.

I'm thinking that my next task for the site will be to start a list of ideas I've gotten from folks so they can be passed along. If you have some PLEASE email them to me at the link below!! I also need to add more recipes and go back and calculate PointsPlus values for the one's I have so far. If you could submit a recipe using the PointsPlus calculator in my spreadsheet, it would make it really easy to share with folks. Maybe I need to make a single sheet spreadsheet for recipe sharing that includes the calculator. That would take just a few minutes. Whadaya think of that idea. You could save each recipe as a file and it would have the points plus values right there. You could even manipulate the recipe and see how things effect PointsPlus values. I do that a good bit.

I never realized how much work it can be to try to figure out recipes that I've downloaded or even old family recipes. I'm trying to make it easier and may attempt to tackle an online version of the recipe calculator that would save ingredients into a database so that when you use the same ingredient elsewhere it can pull values up for you. That's down the road. Especially since this whole site is just me doing my thing for personal use and sharing with others on the same path. It doesn't pay the bills (or anything else) but it's worth the effort to me. I learn a lot from it. I learn about web programming, and about the new program and PointsPlus values by doing it. I'm hoping to get myself back to where I can calculate it in my head (at least for my normal foods). Then with recipes here it'll make it all easier.

Enough for now. Getting late. More to come... :-)



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